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Swim Course

The swim course involves a 2-lap, 1.9km swim in the pristine waters of Marina Park Beach which includes a 250m swim out, a 250m turn right, and another 200m swim back to the start and a loop of 900m towards the start point. The course would allow a clockwise flow of swimmers with the rolling swim start which will offer a  safer and more efficient swim experience for all athletes.


Bike Course

The bike course is a 90.1km bike ride, starting at Marina Park and proceeding to the Chidyatapu "U-Turn" Point via Carbyns Cove Beach Athletes take a left at the Prothrapur Junction towards Chidyatapu where Athletes make a "U-Turn" and form a single loop towards Prothrapur junction. Athletes then make a "U-Turn" and retrace back to Chidyatapu and ride towards the finish line at Marina Park.  The beautiful tarmac roads passing through the coastal line give some breathtaking views. As we approach Chidiyatapu there is a sudden drop in the temperatures as we enter the evergreen forest area. Riders get to experience cycling along the serene beaches and also the evergreen forest on the stunted hills of Andamans. They will enjoy a gradual climb passing the coastline on their left. 


Run Course

The run course is a 4-lap, 21km run which will begin at Mariana Park, go past the beautiful sea link road as you take a right heading to a u-turn point about 2.6Km from the start, and come back to the start point and repeat the entire lap again for four times.

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