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Edition - 4, 23rd Sept to 1st Oct 2023.

Tour with Passion.
Explore all the possibilities that Andaman has to offer

Andaman is India’s Serene Archipelago offering its visitors diverse Flora, Fauna, and Landscape. The creeks of mangrove, the dense rain forest with innumerable beaches, pristine waters, and warm people make it one of the best tourist hubs. It offers breathtaking views around every corner.

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Day 1 - Arrive at Port Blair (23rd Sept 2023) Get along, make new friends to create memories on Tour.


The colour palette of a few hundred shades of blue and green will cause you to wax lyrical, the second you set foot into Andaman's tropical terrains. On this intoxicating odyssey from the capital city of Port Blair to the uncharted lands of Diglipur, you'll find yourself riding past beaches and islands bereft of any touristy frills. We recommend you a window seat as it is a visual treat to the eyes. 

The touchdown minutes are an adrenaline rush without a doubt and the eyes look for new friends to make and mind thinking of the unknown. Well, we make sure you feel comfortable and join us in celebrating the adventure. On your arrival, we pick you up from the Airport or you can just make a choice of walking to the hotel room at Diviyum Manor which is just about 200mts away from the Airport.

You get to meet the team and strangers who turn out to be your friends over the days you spend on the tour. Get accustomed to the weather – be surprised, the sunrise here is at 05:00 AM and sunset at 05:00 PM, not something you get to experience in the mainland. It might be raining and when it stops, it wouldn't leave the traces. Every time we narrate the weather conditions of Andaman over the years we just remember our friend narrating it as HOT- WET - & its just HOT & WET.

Start Point & End Point - Hotel Diviyum Manor, Port Blair. (L, D)

Day 2 - Port Blair -> Chidiyatapu -> Port Blair (24th Sept 2023)


Your excitement meets the real Experience. On all the days of the tour ride would start at 07:00 AM after breakfast. The flag off is from the historic Cellular Jail. We ride towards Tiranga Memorial which commemorates the first tri color which was hoisted in 1943 by Subhash Chandra Bose. On this day, we ride towards the scenic sunset point in Andamans Chidiyatapu which is also a bio diversity hotspot. The beautiful tarmac roads passing through the coastal line gives some of the breathtaking views. As we approach Chidiyatapu there is a sudden drop in the temperatures as we enter the evergreen forest area. Riders get to experience cycling along the serene beaches and also the evergreen forest on the stunted hills of Andamans. Support stations would be placed every 20 to 25 kms depending on the terrain and weather conditions. Post lunch we do a loop back to Hotel Diviyum Manor. Dinner will be served at 8 PM. 

Distance Covered - 

Elevation - to be updated. 

Flag Off : Cellular Jail, Port Blair.

Start Point  & End Point: Hotel Diviyum Manor, Port Blair. (B, L, D)

Day 3 – Port Blair -> Mount Harriet -> Shoal Bay -> Port Blair (25th Sept 2023)

Riders have to embrace the spirit of challenge as they will be scaling the second highest peak in the Andamans - Mount Harriet. We get to see the Ross and Northbay Islands. Perfect tarmac roads along with beautiful scenic spots coupled with the elevation makes the ride pleasurable and challenging. Riders will have to take a ferry  to get to the other side of the island. This will be a new experience for many mainlanders. After Mt. Harriet we descend and ride towards Shoal Bay. Riders get to see the life of the Island as we will be passing through few towns and villages. Shoal Bay is completely an off beat place with hardly any tourist in sight. Post lunch we take a jetty towards the Pristine beach of Shoal Bay after which we loop back to the Hotel in Port Blair. The riders will have a challenging day backed with some amazing memories made along the way. 

Distance Covered - 

Elevation - to be updated

Start Point - Hotel Diviyum Manor, Port Blair.

End Point - Hotel Diviyum Manor, Port Blair.(B, L, D, RF)

Day 4 - Port Blair -> Jirkatang -> Baratang -> Rangat (26th Sept 2023) 


We start from Port Blair and make our way to the Jirkatang check post. One of the great things you get to experience when you are riding in Andaman is the forests, beaches and traffic free cycling trails. From Jirkatang the riders will have to board a convoy at this check post as we will be passing through the Jarawa Reserve area. This stretch of 42 kms two wheelers are prohibited. Everyone has to board the Tempo traveller. This stretch we pass through the dense jungle area and might even spot the indigenous tribals along the road. Photography or videography is strictly prohibited by law.  Riders shall be advised again on the does and don’ts at the reserve for safety. 


The roads passing through the reserve are overwhelming to ride but due to prohibition, we are not allowed to ride in the tribal reserve forest. By the end of the day, you will leave the South Andaman crossover to the middle strait. We will be passing through the longest bridge of Andaman which is about 1.45km making a very beautiful viewpoint. As we progress we enter the second Jarawa Reserve where riding of bikes/motorbikes is not allowed and all the other laws of the previous reserve prevails and end in Rangat. 


Distance Covered - 

Elevation - to be updated 

Start Point - Hotel Diviyum Manor, Port Blair.

End Point - Hotel Ross and Smith, Rangat.(B, L, D, RF)

Day 5 - Rangat ->Long Island ->Rangat: No ride day (27th Sept 2023)


Trying to take a break and add a new thing to the tour itinerary while we explore the beautiful Isles of Andaman. We finish breakfast at the hotel and head toward the Yeratta Jetty. On reaching the Yeratta Jetty from where we take seaways – a ferry ride to reach the less explored Long Islands in the heart of middle Andaman which might turn out to be your dream destination forever until you visit the Ross & Smith Islands in Diglipur.


This island accommodates a small group population and a hotel managed by the forest department. We shall get ample time to play in the stunning sapphire blue waters, finish lunch and head toward Rangat for an overnight stay.

Start Point: Hotel Ross and Smith, Rangat 

End Point: Hotel Ross and Smith, Rangat (B, L, D, RF)

Day 6 - Rangat -> Mayabunder (28th Sept 2023)


This is the most scenic route of the Tour of Andaman, passing as close as possible to the pristine waters of Andaman. One can see the blue water crashing against the black rocks and many water streams joining the ocean blues as we see and play at Morice Dera. The current roads are paved making it an amazing experience for a perfect photo shoot as well.


The day holds many attractions for the riders followed by a 700meter Mangrove walk at Dhani Nallah adjacent to the Great Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) and start cycling towards Mayabunder. The riders are exposed to the raw beauty of these moist deciduous forests home to a variety of species. The last stretch of roads is not in good shape and just before you end you shall experience the gentle climbs of Andaman that would help you understand the next day's ride.


Distance Covered – 66.3 KM

Elevation - to be updated

Start Point: Ross & Smith Hotel

End Point: Sea ‘N’ Sand Hotel

Day 7 – Mayabunder ->Diglipur (29th Sept 2023) 


Today would be the longest riding day of the Tour of Andaman and is considered to be the most challenging one from the previous editions of the tour so far. You shall pass through the dense forest of Andaman, and cross over through the second-longest bridge: The Austin Creek that connects the Middle Andaman to the North Andaman. This stretch of road is long and away from people and places. Be careful not to miss the lunch point on this day as you will not find any hotels till you reach Diglipur Junction. At Diglipur you would be welcomed by sweet stalls all over the place and if you’re a foodie you would love to explore before you finish the ride towards the hotel that is about 18KM from Diglipur via Aerial Bay.


The roads are very good till Diglipur and the last stretch of 18KM is a concern as the tarmac disappears and the road is under construction. We positively hope and wish the tarmac will be laid out by the end of August 2023. After all the action with one more day to go, we would have a cool off party to acknowledge all the efforts that each of us would have contributed to make the tour a successful one.


Start Point: Hotel Sea ‘N’ Sand 

End Point: Pristine Beach Resort. (B, L, D, RF)

Distance Covered – 92.9 KM.

Elevation - +1,321 meters / -1,317 meters

Day 8 - Diglipur ->Ross & Smith ->Port Blair: 2nd No ride day. (30th Sept 2023)


This is the day we wait to be back so that we take you to one of our dream destinations and we are sure you would fall in love with this heavenly place. Ross & Smith is an individual island connected by a natural sandbar; one can walk from Smith Island to Ross Island when the tides are low. Every day there would be 2 High tides and 2 Low tides which would prevail for 6 hours each. The white sand beach with clean and blue waters makes a perfect destination along the coconut grove, space for resting and changing is a great delight for one to be on board. We would usually have our Breakfast/Lunch depending upon the weather conditions and timing of the day. Well, that’s not all for the day, you shall have a great end to the tour with sailing from Diglipur to Port Blair on availability else take a road trip back to Port Blair.


We have been fortunate so far to get the sailing back to Port Blair witnessing some amazing sunset views and marine life along the way including turtles, dolphins, and ray-finned fishes delighting one to heart’s content. A journey which began as a bunch of cyclists’ strangers to each other, we have witnessed the same bunch sharing laughter, joy, cracking jokes on the decks of the ship playing cards, singing and dancing through the magical night. The overnight journey by Ship from Diglipur to Port Blair is no less of an Adventure. On a clear night sky one shall witness the mesmerizing dance of infinite stars where none can find neither the origin nor the end and miserably fail at counting them. The food you get on the ship is simple and great.


Start Point: Pristine Beach Resort -> Travel overnight towards Port Blair

Day 9 - Port Blair (1st Oct 2023)

On arriving at Port Blair we would have arranged for rooms only to freshen up and have breakfast at Diviyum Manor to officially end the tour until next time.

End Point: Port Blair>Diviyum Manor

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