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Tour For Friends

Where passion meets 


Tour for Friends is one of the 2 annual cycle expeditions hosted by Team Parikrama. Tour for Friends covers the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats or Sahyadri mountain range and is roughly 350+ km on the bike to pedal.


If you ever wanted to challenge the athlete in you, this is a wonderful opportunity right now. With Tour for Friends, put your cycling skills, stamina, and endurance to exhibit some of the toughest terrains in Karnataka. This carefully curated route map will take you amidst hill ranges, lush green forests, coffee/tea estates, ocean breeze, and more importantly, away from the hustle-bustle of city life.


Cycling in a place where low human interaction exists apart from your cyclist companions should be a very good motivation for you. As we imagine just how serene and beautiful the experience will be with the sound of the forest and birds flying away just as you zip through their favorite spots.


More importantly, your lungs will thank you for gifting them a million breaths of truly fresh air! Experience the best in the toughest of terrains! We are all ears for your most thrilling adventure story.


Experience #tourforfriends, driven by nature from 24th to 28th Nov 2023. We're more than just a destination – We are where Miles meets Smiles. Tour for Friends covers beautiful landscapes of Malnad, a hill station in Karnataka (Western Ghats - A chain of mountains running parallel), home to beautiful peaks and trails of Karnataka through forests leading up to Murdeshwar, Gokarna and ends at Vibhuti falls - home to endemic species on earth.

The Tour is a journey and not a race.


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Mr. Srini Swaminathan

My name is Srini Swaminathan and I took part in the Tour For Friends in October 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed it.


The route had a good mix of challenging inclines, stunning scenery, forests and rivers. And of course, good food too!


The team put a lot of effort into ensuring that the tour was as zero (plastic) waste as possible by using reusable utensils and cups.


Tour for friends is not just about cycling but about bonding with nature and each other - be it climbing the peaks or jumping into a river stream or just quietly sharing tea and snacks by a humble roadside shop.

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Mrs. Raj Kiran CA

The child in me was really excited about having to grip onto the cycle after a long time, also my mind chided me As though i was a naive child and tried convincing me that I could cycle and it was an unreachable dream. But as I was passing through the unscathed roads. 


My eyes were darting around the thick forest,  but the kids were waving, people with confused faces as to why! Why were we doing cycling!


But cycling through the eerie silence of the forest with the verdant mountain on one side and ocean on the other side for some distance, got my mind traversing the blurry line between the dreams and surreal reality.

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Mr. Sangamesh AM

What better way to explore Malanad than by bicycle? An early escape, a joyful rush, riding with a pack of Cycling enthusiasts in a land with no network and minimal traffic.


With challenging climbs and descents, we spent days gliding alongside the river waters and the tree-lined lanes pulsating with life.


On the whole, Tour for Friends was an amazing experience that I’ll cherish for years to come !! 


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