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Solo Traveling by Women

We often see on social media, travel is a gift we need to give ourselves as we have nothing to lose and a world to see. As work from home culture has settled in with the majority of corporate workers, we are witnessing an increasing number of backpackers with almost 42% among them being women. A major survey revealed the stats that 46% women travel to have a sense of freedom & independence, 22% wanted to live without waiting out for others to join in and 15% wanted to push their limits by stepping out of their comfort zones. Indeed a traveler experiences the thrill of life, adrenaline of survival and realizes the rationale of being a social animal.

Traveling needs different dynamics of being bold, taking on the wave of change and surfing the tides. It also refreshes and releases one from the daily routine; a monotonous tune which is lethal! Traveling let’s one forget about the worries & burdens letting to bond with oneself where the realization of living hits high at crescendos! The very energy of being around new people, new ideas, new perceptions, new places allows them to experience the world in multiple shades of white light leading them to rediscover themselves and unleashing their true potential.

Solo traveling for women might be risky anywhere in the world. That is the reason we are listing down the do’s and don'ts on your solo trip which makes the travel more fun and easy! Let’s get started…

  1. Destination with a purpose - Traveling anywhere is fun but dynamics change when you add a purpose to your destination. Choose a destination which has been long awaited in your bucket list or some place which inspired you when you were engaged in a book or a movie. Exploring such places will oddly give a whole turn around in a psychological sense.

  2. Research and Accommodation - It is important to read a few blogs or watch a few videos about the destination chosen. This will equip you with reviews from previous travelers and mentally prepare you to acclimatize to the new change. The accommodation suggestions shown on the internet and given by bloggers must be thoroughly checked if they are still in operation before blindly deciding where you will be resting your head at night to grab some good sleep.

  3. Visualize your necessities and pack light - It may sound puny, but before packing sit comfortably and visual morning, the things you do once you wake up

- Washroom - Brushing teeth (need toothpaste & toothbrush), Bathing(Soap, Towel, Inner garments, clothes to wear)

- Personal and body care - Moisturizer, Sunscreen etc., Extra polythene bags (Wet clothes and other things)

- Electric equipment - Phone, charger, laptop, flashlight etc.

This will help you pack only necessary items and be light. Carrying a heavy backpack will hinder your traveling experiences.

  1. Keep a flexible Itinerary - Do not overbook your trip by cramping up with places to visit. Prepare an itinerary that will refresh and relax you. Being over ambitious to visit multiple places will only add on extra pressure on you - something that you wanted to escape from. Give yourself a break!

  2. Protect your documents and never run out of cash - Be extra cautious about visa, passport and other government documents. Always carry extra cash and have reserve cash as well.

  3. Going local is the best - Staying and shopping local adds on richer experiences to your travel diary. Staying in 5 star hotels will make you miss out the local ethnicity of the place. The culture is lived to the fullest by staying, shopping and socializing locally.

  4. A big NO for Over Intoxication and follow gut instinct - On your travels never get over intoxicated as you might end up attracting negative vibes and people to you. Have plan B in place. Do not hesitate to follow your gut feeling. Always ensure you give priority to safety!

  5. Keep a close one in the loop about your whereabouts - This is only to ensure peace of mind to your dear ones and your safety. You can send the map coordinates or share the itinerary, accommodation details, and contact number to deal with emergencies.

Soo here are the few tips you can use while planning your next solo trip. It might sound cliché, but indeed jobs only fill pockets and travel….. it feeds the soul. Have a wonderful backpacking trip.

Adios Backpacker,

Raj Kiran CA

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