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Outdoors During Periods

Let’s not put a full stop to an outdoor activity due to periods! It is natural for women to go through a menstrual cycle every month. For a few women, this cycle comes with a package of cramps, stomach, and muscle pain. But for the majority of others, it is the social practices and stereotypical thinking which stop them from venturing out during this time.

It is one of the most common myths that one should not exercise during periods. Individuals with mild cramps can go on treks and as it exercises the lower part of the body, it reduces cramps subsequently. It is never advisable to pop in pills into your system to post-pone or pre-pone your periods.

Here are a few tips that can stop you from canceling your plans and going ahead in making some amazing memories. Just 6 steps to make you not dread or cancel your travel plans due to periods. Instead, handle the situation like a pro and conquer that bucket list of yours!

1. Switch from regular pads to cotton tampons or menstrual cups.

Using a pad for more than 5 hours causes the private areas to be damp and prone to infections. It becomes a huge hassle during the treks, river crossing, or when it starts to rain. Instead, switch from pads to cotton tampons or menstrual cups. These are more hygienic, portable to carry, and easier to dispose of.

2. Unscented wet wipes – Good washrooms usually pose a huge challenge when trekking or traveling. Access to water is limited. It is better to carry unscented wet wipes and wipe the private parts. This will make you feel cleaner, lighter, and traveling comfortably pleasant.

3. Zip lock/ Disposable bags – Carry a few paper bags to neatly cover the pad or tampon before disposing of them. It should never be disposed of wherever possible especially in the hilly or mountainous regions as it will dirty these scenic sanctum places. Instead, the paper-covered pads or tampons can be kept in zip-lock bags and disposed of once you find a dustbin.

4. Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer is always a good option to carry. Sanitizing your hands before and after cleaning yourself is a must as it will prevent infections and diseases. It is very useful under such circumstances.

5. Multiple pairs of undergarments – Carrying multiple undergarments will help in making you feel more hygienic and free. Used and stained undergarments can be kept in a zip-lock bag to avoid getting mixed with other clothes.

6. Carry precautionary medication – Always carry your prescription medicines without fail. Prevention is always better than cure. Ask your physician to prescribe medicines like Meftal Spas based on your medical condition. Drinking hot water helps you with easing cramps and alleviate pain.

Don't let the periods stop you from exploring.

Adios reader,

Raj Kiran CA

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