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Hiking for Him & Her.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Being a regular trekker I had almost covered all the places around Bangalore (in a way saturated). But then I overheard my colleague talking about a new fort for which we had to trek for almost 2 and half hours. Instantly it caught my attention. Along with him I registered for a trek on a Sunday. We reached the pick up venue on time and I had already made up my mind that, this new place will be exactly the same as others I had been to – Magical but the same! After a quick stop for tea on a highway, the organizer briefed us about the place and was successful in getting me out of my smug attitude. The ginger tea was refreshing and followed by simple but effective idli vada, we started our trek. It was a combination of flat surface leading to a hill and then from there trek the boulders to reach the top! The flat surface was a piece of cake and as we started the ascend, the organizers started sharing the history of the place. “This fort…. He said (pointing at the fort (Which was barely visible)…. Was built by the great ruler Kempegowda…. Who also built Bangalore City” This made everyone give rapt attention to what he was talking. As we were ascending the landscape, I noticed the inscriptions on the walls of the fort. It was written in some ancient language which I couldn’t decipher. But it gave me a sense of treasure… I also noticed the carving of fish and serpents… which helped us associate with the ruler and his kingdom. We braved the boulders and reached pretty stable

A View from top.

place where I thought the trek ends. But it was only for a brief moment we stood in the shade of ancient ruins. We started descending and came across a flight of huge stone stairs completely covered with thick bushes. We were asked to go through this to find something new and much more adventurous.. Most of us did and we’re surprised at the length to which grass can grow. It was taller than we all were… Not knowing where to step, carefully following the organizer, we made it out of it and came across beautiful view and two more huge boulders. There was a tiny opening between the boulder and the organizer informed us… “if you want to know your own strength then follow me!”. As we did accordingly to his Instructions, I ventured into the unknown and was greeted by darkness. With our phone flashlight I started vertically climbing (literally squeezing myself) in between huge boulders. The only thought running in my head was…. What if one teeny tiny rock moves? Will this be my end? Will I end up like 127 hours movie hero? With these thoughts I strategically placed my foot and when I saw the sunlight… (just after few span of minutes)… I rejoiced as if I had been out of sun light for days at end. After standing on those boulders I felt like the king of the world but also thought how puny I am amidst the nature. It made me realize no matter how many times you would have trekked but nature also offers you something new to learn (that is IF…. you are willing). The world is a huge place with you playing a part in it but if you keep aside the judgement and “I know it all attitude” we can learn much more. It was almost sundown when we reached the base… but the memories and thoughts along the way going on my head will always be cherished.

Now when someone says, I’ve seen it all…. All I can think and remember is the learning from this trek. If it was not for the organizer to create that curiosity, then I wouldn’t have experienced something different. The information, coordination and team engagement was excellent. I would recommend Team Parikrama for all the adventure junkies as it collaborates adrenaline with learning and fun!!

Thank you Team Parikrama.

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