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Backpacking Essentials

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Travel Light and Free – Right Backpacking Methods, Everything you need to know about Backpacking! If one is filled with thirst for Wanderlust, then very well they might agree with the quote “Home is where the backpack is”. It is a companion that sticks like a shadow providing the adventure junkie with everything she/he needs, carefully wrapped in the folds of its strong textile. One of the foremost suggestions any travel guru gives is, TO TRAVEL LIGHT. But how many of us can actually do it?

Even if it’s a 2 days trip I’m sure amateurs tend to carry a minimum of 2 bags loaded with outfits, accessories, cosmetics, Food to munch on, a huge first aid kit that it could tend first aid for at least 10 war heroes! So... here is a blog that dwells on about the essentials to be carried in a backpack to make your globetrotting much easier. If you have got yourself the right and quality backpack then 70% of the work is done!


Once the main prop is right what goes into it is the rest 30%. To make it easier for everyone to understand, we have divided the backpack essentials into 4 Categories such as: 1. Toiletry Kit and Skincare 2. Outfits 3. Health 4. Miscellaneous


TOILETRY KIT and SKINCARE One of the commonly forgotten aspects of travel is a toiletry kit but it is vital for everyone to be equipped with a proper kit aiding in the better travel experience. All the items can fit into a pouch and occupy only about 7% of your entire backpack! Hmm... It doesn’t occupy space but is a weapon any traveler to have for a hassle-free experience. Must have’s are:  Medium Sized Toothbrush.  Mini Toothpaste or Listerine Strips.  Compact Laundry Soap Bar.  Compact travel soap costing around Rs. 5/- or Rs. 10/ – Preferably Herbal  Shampoo sachets or tiny shampoo Bottle  A tiny bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil  Pads or Tampons  Fibre Towel The next important aspect to take care of is your skin no matter what..... Especially while traveling. When our body or skin is exposed to different weather conditions and waters, it tends to get sunburnt or develop rashes or age faster. As a responsible traveler, it’s vital to carry the basic skincare products such as:  Moisturizer (any of your choice)  Sunscreen SPF +30 and above.  Talcum Powder and Deodrant  Lip Balm and a Compact Comb is a must  Kohl (Only if you need it)


OUTFITS and ACCESSORIES (5 to 7 Day Tour/Trip) Yes, it’s true that we all need to post our travel pictures on social media and share our experiences with the world. In order to do that, one needs to be in the best trendy stylish clothes. We need to remember there is absolutely no need for us to compromise style over comfort. In fact, if one is faced with a situation to choose between comfort or style... We should always and always opt for Comfort! But in today’s world of choices, there is no need for us to compromise one thing over the other. Outfits occupy 85% of your backpack’s space. In order to lighten your backpack, it’s essential to work smartly on this aspect. The must-have is:  4 shorts – 1 denim shorts, 1 cargo pants, 1 cotton tracks/ shorts, and a pair of comfortable jeans.  7 to 8 cotton t-shirts  4 pairs of innerwear  Swimwear  Go for floaters/crocs/walking sandals  Jacket or Poncho (Based on the weather)  Sunglasses  Cap/Hat  Arm sleeves The above mentioned are more than enough to keep you feeling trendy and be at ease of comfort.


Healthcare It’s super vital to carry your prescribed medicine along with common ones on your travels. As the saying goes... If health is lost, then everything is lost. One slight headache can ruin your entire travel plans. Eat as healthy as possible and stay away from Junk. Prefer fruits over fried items. Yes, it’s true to experience the exotic locale cuisine but it’s also advisable to know how much to experiment. Hence the mantra is “Prevention is better than cure”. Inevitably sometimes our body cannot handle all the travelling... Hence the following list is handy.  Your regular prescribed medicines.  Paracetamol like Crocin or Dolo 650.  Lomofen or Sporolac DS Tablet – anti-diarrhoea tablet  Menstrual Cramps Tablets (ONE YOU REGULARLY USE)  Glucose, ORS or Electrol


Miscellaneous The most common and must-have list is done but to make one’s travel much easier and to tackle uncertain situations, the following list would prove to be 100% handy.  Swiss knife  Earphones  Flashlight  Power bank  Rubber bands and Safety Pins  Pouches  Plastic bags – to collect your own trash and dispose off in a proper place. Be a responsible and eco-warrior  Fruits or Snacks  Pouches (Seasonal)


The above lists are solely based on my travel experiences. So feel free to add you're ESSENTIAL ITEMS to your backpack but don’t hoard everything as it will fail the very purpose of this blog and also your travel light motto. Now that we have kept all the vital essentials with us, let the of thousand miles begin! Have an adventurous, fun-filled, and safe bon voyage ahead! With love, Raj Kiran C A Head of Operations, Team Parikrama.

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