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  • Ummulbani Rangoonwala

"All about my first trekking experience".

Witnessing the Sunrise

As the saying goes, ”The best moments are usually unplanned”. This was very true for me because if I had waited for the perfect timing, situation or my friends to nod there head to tag along. I would have missed this incredible experience of discovering myself through this "Camp Under the Stars" - Women's Day Special Overnight Trek.

Throughout my childhood I have always dreamed of travelling and exploring but I never thought it would be possible until I came across Team Parikrama.

I was truly inspired by Mr. Dhiraj, Co-Founder of Team Parikrama when they visited our campus 2years ago and was feeling very lucky to be a part of his small group now.

The Tribe

He motivated everyone throughout the trek as most of us were first timers. All in all it was just an amazing experience and I share my learnings here as I accomplish my fears

1. You can be happy with the bare minimum

We live in a society where we want a lot of things to maintain our social status that we don’t really need. When you are trekking or in the mountains you try to carry as light as possible that’s when you realize what is truly important.

Wonderful experience of staying in a tent!

2. You can see the bigger picture

When we are in the city continuing with are daily routine day after day, we often tend to stress too much about the future and forget to live in the present.

After reaching the peak, the breath of fresh air makes you instantly forget all your worries and accept nature as it is.

It really opens up your mind when you meet different people and you also learn everyone has a different story and struggles for survival in life.

3. Overcoming fear

Goldie and Me!

Before starting the trek, I was the most afraid of dogs.

I couldn’t stand in less than 5 feet distance with them but while on this trek I had no option but to co-exist with it.

The first half an hour was difficult but by the end of the trip I made a new friend.

4. Learning through other’s stories

When you are in a group, everyone comes from a different background and they have experienced different things in life.

There is a lot of things to learn from their stories and journeys.

Roasting corn in campfire.

5. Living in the nature

As it was a night trek, we got a chance to camp under the sky. The campfire on a chilly night was like a cherry on the cake and roasting corn by ourselves made it taste even better.

6. Not overthinking

One big impact the pandemic has done to us has to be overthinking. I had become obsessed with washing hands for no reason or just sanitizing everything but that wasn’t possible while trekking as water was limited. So, to not overthink was the way to completely enjoy the trip.

Having Watermelon inside the Tent!

7. Discovering a new side of myself

I am an introvert and I have always found it difficult to start a conversation but I didn’t know that I was capable of just randomly speak about music and mingle with the people I had just met.

This trek has so far been best the part about this year. I feel if a person like me can just go on trek with strangers without any company despite being a shy introvert, then anyone can. It wouldn’t have been possible without Team parikrama.

I am definitely looking forward to exploring more.

From the mountains, With Love.

Ummulbani Rangoonwala

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