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A Ride along the Coast #Tourofandaman

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Being an amateur rider, all I could think of was….. How on Earth am I gonna cycle for 75 kms a day???!!! My average speed was with an inclination of and here I had signed up for doing something that was out of my reach!! ( Or Soo did I think). When my friend spoke about cycling in Andaman I just stood there….. like a wax statue…. Expressionless face! But in my mind all I could think was, me wearing a red jersey, new shoes, riding faster than a night fury (forgive my anime side :P) with wind in my hair, smell of the ocean filling my lungs and waves by my side (All hero Style)!!!! It took me a solid minute to come back to my senses and plead my friend to join their Adventure. With a slight hesitation, nevertheless he eventually gave in to my infectious enthusiasm ( have to thank my mother for that ;) ). I couldn't wait for that day to come!! Spent everyday crossing against the dates in the calendar and finally it had COME. The day to depart from Bangalore and fly across the Bay of Bengal and land in Port Blair. But don't think that I didn't practice….. I DID… EVERYDAY till then in my gear less cycle. Covering almost 35 km on an average, I did sweat and prepare to face the rolling terrain of Andaman. It wasn't that easy!!! Coming from a country side, we are used to plains rather than rolling terrain. Day 1 when we had to cycle from Port Blair to the starting point of Jarawa Reserve, I got a sneak peek into the inclination and declination landscape. My legs had started to shiver a bit due to the intense cycling that I had to do here (something that I didn't in my village). But as we had to pass the reserve, the strict rules of the land was to pass only in a four wheeler!!! No photography allowed inside the reserve…. You might also come across the Jarawa… and guess what??? I DID!!! What an experience….. These people were Soo different than the rest of us. The tall trees and passing through forest made me forget my fatigue and reached the starting point of Middle Andaman. I boarded my cycle in the ferry and saw different species of fishes and aquatic animals. I rested myself really well as I had to gear up for the next day ride to Mayabundher. Due to time constraints we had to skip ride from Baratang to Rangat. But cycling from Rangat was a beautiful experience. The terrain was harder and what kept me going was the beautiful landscape. Riding along the coast line… with waves giving you company… passing over the bridges with bouganville and other trees looming high over my head, the turquoise waters, the blue horizon motivating me to reach it. With Soo many thoughts racing my mind, battling through the tears of inner turmoil, using that anger to pedal harder, straining my muscles…. I DID IT!!!! I had cycled over 105 km OVER A DAY! The kind of rush that I felt surging through my veins is inexpressible. My friends who had come on this recce, were like…. This is just a trailer…. For a complete surreal experience participate in TOUR OF ANDAMAN 2019!!!! and I CANNOT WAIT TO COMPLETE THE ENTIRE ISLAND!

Tour of Andaman…… HERE I COMEEEE!!!!

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